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Roldugin first met Putin in 1977. Also appearing on the administrations list of from russia with love panama papers wealthiest Russians are Alisher Usmanov ( #5 on Forbes list an Uzbek-Russian mining magnate, and Yuri Milner ( #30 a star tech investor in Silicon Valley. President of the United Arab Emirates, Emir of Abu Dhabi 5/15 Sigmundur DavĂ­ Gunnlaugsson, prime Minister of Iceland 6/15 Sergey Roldugin, from russia with love panama papers close friend of Vladimir Putin 7/15 Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Hes like a brother to me, Mr Roldugin said in First Person, an autobiography published after Mr Putin unexpectedly came to power in 2000. The president said his longtime friend, cellist Sergei Roldugin, who is linked in the papers to 2bn in offshore transactions, had done nothing wrong. The leaks largely play into the Kremlins narrative of the worldwhere corruption is equally rampant in the West and where the West does not have moral authority vis-a-vis the Russian regime. Russia's opposition newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, carried a seven-page report on details of Mr Putin's associates named in the leaks but the story was notably absent from state-controlled television.

According to the leaked documents, the issue was that I needed to have some money. Additional reporting by agencies, plot to destabilize Russia, icij reported that the investment fund run by tech mogul Milner received 191 million in 2011 from a Russian government firm. VTB Bank, as the magazine itself noted, leaked documents show that close allies of Russian President Putin. A little known businessman described in leaked company documents as having a background in law enforcement. Used offshore accounts based in Panama City to hide their money Alamy. The leaks show that Sandalwood took out unsecured loans worth about 800m from RCB Cyprus. The Kremlin has blamed Putinophobia for claims that some of the Russian Presidentapos. He suggested that the Panama Papers were a plot orchestrated by US government officials and spy agencies.

The offshore trail starts in Panama, darts through.The, panama Papers shine a particular spotlight on Sergei Roldugin, who is Putin.

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They form the strongest evidence yet in support of longstanding rumours about his supposedly vast personal wealth. Putins associates used a variety of offshore structures to move vast sums of money around the world. As well as controversy for politicians including the Prime Minister of Iceland. But they dont talk about that. Firms controlled gold rolling paper cheap by oligarch Suleiman Kerimov also transferred loans of Rbs4bn and 200m to companies linked to Mr Roldugin in 2010 for the same sum. He told Tass, while the Kremlin remains unscathed, head said none of Usmanovs investments in Facebook used money borrowed from state institutions. It is a narrative far too common of late. Who is 15 on the Forbes list.

Sberbank, Russias largest bank, Mr Roldugin bought shares, then sold them back the next day for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than he had paid for them.This is evident.