Exploding paper shredder

episode, he had become a pacifist but since Michelangelo needed his help, he tried his best to make him angry so he would turn into his super-powered form. One wonders why he never upgraded to a steel pole or something a bit sturdier. Literally as the turtle masks are just painted paper grocery bags. Mysterious Past : We know absolutely nothing about the Rat King's backstory. Animal-Themed Superbeing : While the original Turtle TitanMichelangeloisn't quite this, his successor, the Turtle Titan of 2105, is the "Animal Alias" version of this trope. Art Evolution : Three times, for Fast Forward, Back to the Sewer, and again for Turtles Forever. While they never know who it was, the audience finds out who it is: it was Arnold "Casey" Jones. Alternative Foreign Theme Song : In the Japanese version, the show has several opening and ending themes. Converse with the Unconscious : Pretty much the entire A-plot of "Tales of Leo." CoolBigSibling : April and Casey, who are 23 and 24, respectively, at the start of the series, are this to the teenaged turtles, who're supposed to 15 at the start. Masochist's Meal : Most of Michaelangelo's choices of pizza topping combos ( tuna fish, how to build a paper roller coaster loop peanut butter and grape jelly, anyone? Childhood Friend Romance : The Hamato Yoshi / Tang Shen / Yukio Mashimi triangle features both types.

Kirbyapos, they end up using it against Shredder and Krang at the end of the episode. T come up with a decent plan. Apparently occurs to Don in" Damsel in Distress, art Initiates Life, when Donatello tries to pull this trope again. Chattering teeth and staring mad eyes in a heap of slime. Who consists of a throbbing brain. The Neutrinos take it Up to Eleven.

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