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so that when you bend the paper your fold will be easy and clean. Larissa writes, left: art made with this tutorial, Right: art made with alternate colors (see note at the end of the tutorial). Fold the scored flaps toward the back and crease them. Live Simply Planner Cover.50, planner Stickers Kit Functional Stickers Color Kit - CK133.25 2019 Clever Owl Paper, LLC, clever OWL paper DAY planner, life planner, personal planner, custom planner, teacher planner, student planner, appointment planner, planners, planner, agenda, clever OWL planners, planner stickers. Use your leftover paper pieces to create more paper art of your own design or recycle them. Trim off 1/4 inch of the side of the remaining yellow circle. Whoooos a paper artist? Kind of like kids who are out of school.) Try making just the owl in different colors as decorations for your room. Moms: You can economics homework question tim works on an assembly line definitely young this down by cutting out the shapes for younger kids, and skipping the pop dots and folding. You wont be printing on your yellow paper. Tape it where the edges meet. The tree pieces should overlap slightly and hide the bottom of the owl. Dont push it firmly down until you are sure the side is straight up and down. Fold by the dotted lines to close the figure.

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If you iowa state statistics phd dont changing address on driving licence paper have circle punches. Here are some cutting tips for you. Thats who, you could make the owls eyes closed by layering a semicircle on top of a circle. Put the background together, just cut off the folded flaps. The hand that would be holding the ruler was taking the picture.

Cut the template and after that fold the three dotted lines. The gifted Larissa papers from mmmcrafts is here sharing her amazing talents with an unbelievable 3D paper owl. Youll be trimming the extra off.

You know you want.Cut a pop dot into quarters with scissors.Alrighty young crafters, heres what you will need to make the nighttime owl pictured above: my PDF download with all the pattern pieces ( get it here ) printer ruler clear tape butter knife for scoring.5 x 11 piece of poster board (you can.