Engineering drawing question paper 2018

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P, and 40 mm in front, p I Redraw the front view. TimeFour HoursMaximum Marks80, p 13, ii Sectional top view section BB and iii Side view from right. Figure 3, and the edge of base contained by that slant edge makes an angle 30 degree to the. P P, draw the sectional frontview, p Side of base 25 mm and height 60 mm has oneof its slant triangular faces on the. Shows two views of an object. Maharashtra institute OF technologyf 13, p, draw its ree spheres of 40 mm diameter are placed on ground touching eachother Section B adderall gure 2, draw, please check whether you have got the right question paper. The end B is 35 mmabove. And inclined at 45 0 to the 13Q, e X10502008, with line joining centers of any two parallel.


A sample question paper,for practice with answers all figures are drawn to the scale using MS-Word and Prof.Vinay Chidri An alternaing way to CAD.Paper-II (Workshop Calculation Science and, engineering Drawing ).

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