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an 11,000 word thesis). Check out this article on 10 ways to boost your motivation. Technology Education Assigned By: Walsh, Rod Students continued with the 7 resources of Technology activity. Please remember to bring your novels to class. Open book quiz Wednesday. Novel assignments were due yesterday. Test is scheduled for Friday, November.

See yourself typing up your work on your laptop. Google Classroom code is kk4h7on Parents and students sign up on remind. Crocker, and due Oct 24th, the assignment is posted in google classroom and is due on December 7th. Organising your files and being able to access the articlesmaterials you need with ease.


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December 3, 2018 Health Assigned By: Babb, Krista Vaping/Smoking brochures were returned today.Visualise yourself taking the actions that need to be taken (e.g.