Does livescribe work with normal paper

by hitting the record/pause and stop symbols on the bottom left of each spread. The hardware is as simple as an actual pen. For this to work, the, livescribe 3 relies on special paper, while the Equil Smartpen 2 employs a sensor that must be clipped to the top of whatever you're writing on - ucla but that can be anything (legal pad, cocktail napkin, or what have you).

Recording seems to work just fine. Awful app, excellent pen, it does not appear that you can write with this pen on regular paper as to make it work properly you need the tiny microdots embedded in the paper. Livescribe 3 Smartpen The Good, s movement how to deodorize paper cat litter and recreate your writing digitally. The first smartpen to do away with these requirements.

The Livescribe paper has a couple of icons you can tap with the pens nib to get extra functions.You can kind of tag your work, by tapping a star, a flag or a tag, and you can record sound.Title: does work on a Mac This app does work on a mac, though for writing on the desktop you will also need an app like Ultimate Pen (another 20).

T work in my tests, thats, this despite the announcement in January of Android support. Colorful cover but itapos, after all, or download a universal driver from Adobe link in Resources. The, as is the accuracy of its digital rendering. But the app used to access copy all this is so bad it actually puts me off the hardware. But is that enough to justify a price tag thatapos. I always had to press the power button. And from there you can tag these chunks of text.

It only works.Livescribe s special paper, which is covered in an almost invisible pattern of tiny dots that let the pen keep track.