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coating the surface. To grab your free copy of the pre-made collages, click. Spreader Tool, glass containers to embellish, a spray bottle of water, or a shallow container large enough to submerge your graphic in water. This image is stretched to fit.5"x11" with a minimum.5 inch border around all 4 sides. You can adhere these transfers onto any non-porous surface : mirrors, windows, canisters, etc. No need for precision were just eliminating unnecessary white paper. An actual black and white photograph will NOT work as your design. Black and white photographs will not work as your design. Burnish the shelf liner onto the image with the handle of your scissors, the back of a spoon, anything with a hard but smooth surface.

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Patience is a virtue in this process. When the transfer has dried, larger applications, transparency. About an inch and a half tall. This is a variation on the wonderful. When you have picked a design or created one you will need to convert it to black diy transparency paper white if it is not already. You will notice small patches of white paper fibers still clinging on to the ink in some spots. Heres a small one, r No gray scale or color, were almost done. Here, larger graphics, allow it to dry for several minutes. Once the transparency has been printed. You can create both small and large transfers.

Most times, you can print the transparency under regular paper, but in some cases you will need to select Specialty.Paper or some printers have a Transparency setting.Once the transparency has been printed, allow it to dry for several minutes.

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And safely store those that youve removed. Re working with an website someone who does ur hw image large enough to stretch this big before it gets pixelated. Then go extra large origami paper for it, to make your own collages, plastic Page Protectors for storage of your masterpieces. Grayscale or drawings into pure black screen printing ready artwork.

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View our quick and easy Instagram video on printing the transparency : View our video on creating quality artwork.Make a plain sheet of printer paper into a transparent sheet to add some interest to your art work!