Diy paper flower fans

until you reach the end of your paper. The same technique is used for tissue paper flower fans minus some of the cutting. . They used to sell them at Michaels but ours doesnt carry them anymore so I order them from Amazon. I spent about nova paper products 50 on the papers for my rosettes and have quite a bit left over for wrapping gifts. To hang the rosettes, I simply nailed small hooks into the wall and slid the hook under the tie at the middle of the rosette: If youre layering paper rosettes like I did, sometimes the center of the rosette is going to be layered over. Open up to create a circle and glue other two sides together. Zips clear adhesive lines. You don't want to get your string glued to the tape. Each sheet is half of your final length). Take one strip and fold it in half to join together. And a great night time, in front of the TV activity! Easy to make, fun to look at, and so much less expensive than pretty much any other type of artwork. Be careful that youre not making your folds bigger as you work your way down the paper. Put double-sided tape on each side of the paper strips. If it faces up, cut off a single fold so that it faces down. Join the two half circles together with double-sided tape at the edges.

It depends upon how full you want your rosette. I used a pack of greenwich multicolored tissue paper warehouse from the Dollar Tree. Adjust the length of the loop as needed to adjust the height of your rosette. Glue inside pieces of paper together.

Instead, cut the fans tie you just made in the middle. The two rosettes that were white with flower a gold design ended up looking light brown from afar. Had a cookout, if youre using wrapping paper, planted our new vegetable garden. The string should also be on the back side of your paper rosette. Hit the beach, unless youre making a small rosette.

My inside fold is small because my folds were not perfect. .How easy is that! .You should now have a full circle.