Diy paper earrings

space to a girl, we are creating projects inspired by her whole demeanor! . Now join the Yellow and Blue strips and make small dual colored tight coils with them. Here are three ways to make earringsbut Im sure there is much more options, just be creative! Make yellow tight coils to be pasted on the earrings. Mod Podge Dimensional Magic toothpicks nail file (or sandpaper) earring post findings post backs (sometimes sold separately e6000 gummy eraser, modeling clay, past etc. Make curved half rings with blue strips. You read that right! Then attach the fish hook earring wire. Weve provided the templates for you as a free downloadable printable that you can use with your craft cutter (or just cut out by hand. (something soft to stick the earrings into while you work). Step 6: Here Is a Simple and Detailed Tutorial for You! We used die cuts: And pieced together punches and shapes cut from. Fold them in the middle and glue them on top of each other on the paper clip. Here is the complete list that you need to make these paper earrings: Quilling strips (5 mm) in Yellow, Blue and Pink colors (Be imaginative science and choose your own colors if you like!). Tools materials: cardboard or paperboard (from the back of a notepad is perfect) scrapbook paper rubber cement paper punch (Im using a 1/2 round hole punch, i misspoke in the video).

I doubled, instructions, hot glue an earring post onto the back of the top shape. Some of the earrings I made. Once shapes are all connected, cut two paper rectangles, if you are on a mobile device or are otherwise unable to view the embedded video. And also adds thickness regions for stability. If you already watched tax all your friends vacation pictures on s time to make something fun. This gives a glossy, second option, step. Uploaded 2 years ago in the category.

Well, her favorite subjects to paper scrap are her husband and five kids never a lack for subject material there. This Girl posts, arrange these in the earrings earrings to make a beehive pattern. Use a small hole punch to create a hole for the jump ring and fish hook. Master class on how to make Quilling Earrings Making Quilling Simple Earrings Using Paper Quilling 1 DIY Paper Earrings. Coat the shape layers and all with Dimensional Magic. Cut small fringes with your scissors. Do you guys remember, quilling earrings simple designs, i always save my scraps from bigger projects so I can come up with smaller projects like these. Lay out your desired earring pattern. Check out the video for a more detailed explanation of hoew to make the beehive pattern.

Step 3: Create the Design Further!Making these superb looking Quilling earrings requires absolutely simple craft supplies.All you need is cardstock and some jewelry hardware.