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theme of the Seoul Lantern Festival, too. For protection from the high temperatures produced and to stabilize the airflow, a cylindrical glass shield called the globe or chimney is placed around the mantle. Citation needed In the Eastern Orthodox Church, lanterns are used in religious processions and liturgical entrances, usually coming before the processional cross. According to the OED, it refers to "long thin jaws, giving a hollow appearance to the cheek 5 this use was recorded in 1361, referring to a lantern with concave horn sides before glass was in use. Solar-powered lanterns have become popular in developing countries, where they provide a safer and cheaper alternative to kerosene lamps. And making a Name lantern simply means painting a lantern with the owners name. 7 Battery powered lanterns edit Various battery types are used in portable light sources. Styles can evoke former eras, unify street furniture themes, or enhance aesthetic considerations. Low-light level varieties can function as decoration, and can be a variety of colours and sizes. Therefore, we can conclude here that there are various types of lanterns available in the market. Many portable mantle-type fuel lanterns now use fuel gases that become liquid when when compressed, such as propane, either alone or combined with butane. They are often released in a large group to produce the best effect. Liquid fuel lanterns remain popular where the fuel is easily obtained and in common use. Gallery edit Pumpkin lanterns Two kerosene lanterns A lantern hanging above a staircase An electrically retrofitted lantern in use in rural Chhattisgarh, India. Use of unguarded lights was taken so seriously that obligatory use of lanterns, rather than unprotected flames, below decks was written into one of the few known remaining examples of a pirate code, on pain of severe paper punishment (article. The luminaria is a good example of this, as the luminara comes from Mexico and the American Southwest. One of our editors will review your suggestion and make changes if warranted. Windows of some translucent material would be fitted in the sides, now usually glass or plastic but formerly thin sheets of animal horn, or tinplate punched with holes or decorative patterns; though some antique lanterns have only a metal grid, clearly indicating their function was. But since these were short term solutions, the use of fire torches was more prevalent. Paper lanterns are made in societies around the world. Thank you for helping to improve wisegeek! The first is called Babys Bottom. Such lamps usually use a small disposable steel container to provide the fuel. The term used was "lanthorn believed to be due to popular etymology, from the early use of horn windows. Another popular lantern in China is called the, Rolling Paper and they are tall and cylindrical. They look spectacular and offer a marvelous view to the spectators. Making paper lanterns is a fun and exciting craft project, and one the whole family can enjoy. Paper and silk played an important role during their production.

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But there are other types of paper lanterns very complicated to sort out. Some rechargeable fluorescent lanterns may be plugged in at different all times and may be set up to illuminate upon a power failure. Lanterns may also be used for signaling. Or as general lightsources outdoors, a festive lantern is a lantern of patterned paper. LEDs edit Lanterns utilizing LEDs are popular as they are more energyefficient and rugged than other types. Safer 6 also known as Habsburg jaw or Habsburg lip as it was a hereditary feature of the House. Now many villagers have an access to electricity and the use of lanterns has also been minimized. These are being supplanted by a battery powered fluorescent lamp and LED models. You can spot them in rivers.

Chin moji to write on the lanterns. These lanterns how are mainly propelled by the surging warm air produced by the flame inside. Restaurants, wood, and other places, the creators of these lanterns use a special lettering style called. Straws of wheat, italy they have many festivals where they use these lanterns. Lanterns have been widely used papers for years in many homes. Which was originally used for advertising. Or the housing for the top lamp and lens section of a lighthouse. Some models are dual fuel and can also use gasoline.

The derived term "lantern jawed" is used in two quite different still current ways, comparing faces with different types of lantern.Mantle lanterns use a woven ceramic impregnated gas mantle to accept and re-radiate heat as visible light from a flame.