Different textures made with paper

Handmade Washi Association. Free image of a vintage brown old paper with grunge background. During the 19th century new processes for pulping wood fibers where developed in Canada and Germany and with lower manufacturing costs the use of paper grew. Not that it matters but it is actually photoshop generated and brushed, still makes a nice stock background image old paper or wallpaper with paisley wallet design old paper with partial paisley design With the texture effect and paisley pattern Im not sure if I should call this. Could also be a rough old paper image rendered torn wallpaper paper background texture torn wallpaper paper texture Ok, another vintage wallpaper, lots of old tears and marks. Another I made the other day as a composite from some of the images on the site and a floral design that I picked up somewhere.

Nowadays the paper manufacturing industry is global with China then the United States being the largest producers no surprises here. A free yellow and worn old paper texture with a faded butterfly and floral print. It has a toughness closer different textures made with paper to cloth than to ordinary paper and does not weaken significantly when treated to be waterresistant. Hi, i started with a framed brushed metal background so this image has kept most of the frame and has a brushed texture overlaying the normal old paper texture old and worn grunge parchment paper background image Old grunge parchment paper background texture.

different textures made with paper

Just as I did with my previous textures I also made 9 seamless wrinkled paper backgrounds.I also included an html file so you can easily view how they look when tiled.Collection of Old Paper Textures, Parchment Paper and Old Wallpaper Backgrounds.

Another yellow abstract grunge background Here is another yellow abstract grunge texture free for both personal and commercial use abstract grunge background texture abstract grunge background texture greenish abstract grunge background texture Here is a greenish abstract grunge background. Free vintage paper texture with old design. Applications edit Until the early made 20th century. The, grunge background of old paper texture background. Almost any grass or tree can be made into a washi. Excellent faded and worn floral design on old paper or parchment texture. Another free old parchment or grunge paper texture. Another rough old paper background texture with torn and ripped edges.

So here is an old grunge leaves abstract old parchment paper just an old paper or rough worn parchment background texture An old and worn parchment paper background texture Hi, this is an old paper or worn parchment background image that I made in photoshop one.For other uses, see, washi (disambiguation).Hope you like them So what is it?