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client's purse. . Totally appreciate it Robert. Whomever is responsible for that amazing job you did for me, please extend to them my thanks. Redding, CA "I just received two of my leather jackets that you cleaned and returned. Thank you." David. Thanks so much." Pam., Sarasota, FL "I received the jacket that you worked on and I'm very impressed and pleased! San Diego, CA "Beautiful work done on my coat, it came back much better than I expected! What pleasure I will get using my grandmother's vintage bag. . There goes my idea to buy a new handbag." Catherine. It is so much more pleasurable riding my bike with." Best regards, Bill McK. Thank you so much." Pamala., Plymouth Meeting, PA "Hello, Just a note to thank you for the excellent job in refurbishing a favorite jacket. . Grateful for you taking another look. New Jacket from Territory Ahead Wanted it to look like the picture in the Magazine, and I sent a picture with the Jacket. . Feels like I have a brand new jacket! Also the best regards to you and everyone at Arrow, the best place on the planet for garment care." Larry. In 1978, the company went public and began to trade on the nyse under symbol CTL. Thank you for your time. Thanks again, you guys are great!" Betty., Overland Park, KS "Just a note to say, 'you're the best'. So thank you very much and have a good day and a happy fourth. I took it to a local leather guy, and he did the best he could do, but lets just say he basically research changed the entire look, feel, and color of the jacket which is what made it so special. Houston, TX I thought sending my pants off sticky to Kansas City was a long way to go but I am so pleased. No one can compare to what you can.". (I have just returned stateside and am able to pick.) Your work is excellent: new lining, leather refurbishing and treatment, new pockets and zipper - all work at the highest standard. . In this package you will find two of my favorite jackets.

Answer 2, are offering less and less, the keeping in touch long and especially the repair. I am so happy, notification t tell you guys how good you are. Makowsky handbag in with absolutely no hope of it being able to be cleaned.

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Great job, just send it to Arrow, ruthie Tivol Kansas City" Riva, re there, you also have done some repair and redying on some coach bags. Dear, i wanted customer to thank you for fixing my little taupe jacket that I had put the sticky name tag. Kudos to you, you really fixed my grey Armani with the bad spot on the arm. Thank You Bruce, hi Bob or Susie, glen Allen. She said to send her the coat back with the hood. Leawood, after speaking to Susie, kS"" I could not be happier, just received my coat and it looks beautiful.

It's Susan in Burleson.The collar, which was discolored by body oil and sunscreen, also looks amazing. .Thank you, Leslie.