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many plants that proved useful opinion in medical procedures and even plants that cure such things as cancer or reduce the white blood-cell counts. Another example of a negative effect cause by deforestation is many species are killed, and with concern to the rainforest, many endangered species have no hope to survive. The species are exposed to winds, rains, sun rays, snowfalls, unfamiliar environment and humans so they have no choice but relocating to find shelters. When deforestation occurs, animals homes are destroyed and they are with them. The trees feed on the CO2 and in turn release fresh oxygen into the air. C) Landslides - The roots of the trees bind soil to it and to the bedrock underlying. When trees are uprooted, there will be nothing to hold the soil together thus increasing the risk for landslides. It results in natural resources and food shortage because animals are an essential part of the nature's chain. Imagine this; every minute twenty-six hectares. Deforestation, essay, Research, paper, deforestation, deforestation is the act of cutting down and clearing out trees in large amounts. This is occurring in many areas of the world, specifically. The problem of deforestation, my opinion about. Deforestation is one of the most serious problems that the Earth is facing these days. This is occurring in many areas of the world, specifically in the. Read this essay on Rain Forest. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. James Agee wrote in Let Us Now Praise Famous Men that the inability of the share croppers he studied to control how many children they had was one of the main reasons they were unable to work themselves up out of poverty. General deforestation description, the purpose of the qualifying exam is to determine whether students have the grasp of basic physics that is needed for successful completion of the. The request must include a clear justification.

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Destruction is harmful is that a lot of people who live nearby the forests are left without their homes. S" people may die because of the lack of medications that might have been found in the acres of Africa and godzilla South America. Filter" cutting down trees leads to a partial loss of oxygen. It is very profitable to be in the tree business and that is the reason many people seek to be hired in this area of business rather then any other. Deforestation amp would endanger the environment because our air quality is becoming problematic without trees consuming the carbon dioxide and it causes soil erosion.

But in the end could show our fate if we continue to cut down the trees. The more trees there are on the Earth. A More people are having breathing problems asthma b Causes greenhouse effects global warming c Releases Carbon dioxide in the air when the trees get cut. First, not only could it destroy the Earth s plants and wildlife. Hopefully, our air quality is becoming problematic without trees consuming the carbon dioxide. Deforestation would omaha endanger the environment for two main reasons.

It is a cycle that will drastically change if a large percentage of trees on the Earth are destroyed.When heavy rains and typhoons come, soil is easily carried to lower areas especially to communities at the foot of the mountains.