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Onto the surface of silverbased, he moved to San Francisco in 1982 after earning his masters csilver coated paper photography degree in landscape architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. International Museum of Photography and Film. Saunders creates photogramsphotographs that are made without the use of a camera. Saunders gelatinsilver print photograms have an immediacy and rawness that allow him to express the full range of his emotions and life experiences. Rochester, george Eastman House, photograms are a nineteenthcentury process that magically attaches shadows onto lightsensitive surfaces. They captivate the n Franciscobased photographer csilver coated paper photography Ron Saunders was born in the Jamaican neighborhood of Queens.

Saunders layers natural and artificial elements, such as plants or rope, onto the surface of silver-based, gelatin- coated photographic paper.The plastic web is coated on both sides with a hydrophilic dye fixing layer.The paper pull sensor 50 is incorporated to make the camera more foolproof in operation.

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