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The second year culminates in the PhD Candidacy examination, which has written and oral components. For this reason, the department does not guarantee a dissertation supervisor for every student, but the department recognizes its responsibility to help the student find a satisfactory match. These activities may include, but are not limited to: Supervising teaching labs Running course recitations Teaching as the primary instructor Running student seminars Training junior researchers in core research methods Running or actively participating in pedagogical seminars or conferences Alternate fulfillment of this requirement. Tracks, pure Mathematics, discrete Mathematics, probability/Statistics, qualifying exams. At this point you will select a thesis advisor and begin your research, of which the results will become the basis for your dissertation. This examination will be scheduled individually and is supervised by the PhD candidacy committee. Phone: Email: Student Clubs Organizations Student Clubs and Organizations If you can find the time to participate while meeting the demands of your degree program, student clubs offer valuable opportunities to meet fellow graduate students, researchers and professionals from science- and technology-related industries. A minimum GPA.000 is required for degree conferral. Learn more about the degree in the Course Catalog. Math PhD Qualifying Exam, each student is required to pass a qualifying examination after the first year of study to ensure that they have the potential to complete the Mathematics PhD program. Qualifier Exam Topics PDF, previous Written Qualifier Problems PDF. University regulations specify composition of this committee as well paper as procedures for this examination and re-examination. Temples study abroad program offers College of Science and Technology students opportunities to spend a summer or semester studying in China, Germany, Italy, South Korea or Taiwan. Completion of a ten-page progress report and a one-hour defense of proposal, presented to supervisor and three faculty members of graduate committee. The purpose of the oral section of the exam is to present the objectives and merits of the student's proposed research project and to demonstrate his/her knowledge of the methods and techniques used in the general area of the proposed research. The leading college-bound community on the web. Departmental research interests include mathematical biology, applied dynamical systems, combinatorics, matrix and operator theory, geometry, optics, inverse problems, probability, numerical analysis, and partial differential equations. Academic advising will happen just before the start of each term and during the add/drop period in order to plan a students course registration for the term. The structure of the program allows for completion of a Math PhD in five years. Students may satisfy foundational course requirements if they demonstrate proficiency by passing an assessment exam in the course at the beginning of the semester or by demonstrating that they have taken a similar course and have adequate knowledge of the course material (syllabus and transcript. Advisors help Mathematics PhD students explore research opportunities and navigate the program. They currently mandate that the PhD candidacy examination must take place after successful completion of at least one year of graduate work at Drexel, and prior to the end of the second year of doctoral study. Completion of a three-page plan of research. Successful passing of four qualifying exams. Communication services, chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturers Medical device companies Producers of petroleum and petroleum products (source: siam website on careers) Teaching Fellow Policy for Math PhD Students The College of Arts and Sciences regards training in pedagogy and instruction to be core to the mission. The faculty research areas page has a list of the various research topics within the department. Optimization, mathematical Neuroscience, numerical Analysis I,II, III, algebraic Combinatorics.

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The graduate coordinator together with the firstyear graduate advisor will determine the allowable course substitutions and will advise the student which foundational courses to take. Students take advanced courses in working preparation for choosing a thesis research area and a PhD thesis adviser. The department views the failure of a student to find a supervisor within two years of joining the PhD program with concern and considers this sufficient cause to review the students status in the PhD program. Consider spending a summer or semester overseas building international connections with researchers from other countries. Second Year Program Coursework, residence requirement, in June and in September.

PhD research may also be done on a part time basis in exceptional cases (5-6.Gt06 Registered UserPosts: 94Junior Member.Math, phD program at Drexel consists of internationally.

The results of the research, explore career opportunities and meet with scientists in the field 1, modular Functions. The application deadline for the Fall Quarter is January 15th. Topics Computer Program, as a CC unit member, math PhD Candidacy Exam. The PhD candidacy examination must be attempted for the first time by the end of the second year of study. The first attempt is to take place no later than June of the first year of study and the second attempt if it is needed should take place the next available date. Research offices and agencies, the dissertation supervisor guides the students further education as well as directs the students dissertation. Unless there are serious extenuating circumstances. This work should give evidence of the candidates ability to carry out independent investigation and interpret.

This aid is usually provided by the students graduate advisor, who should be familiar with the students progress in finding a dissertation supervisor.The examination will take the form of an oral presentation followed by a question period, during which only the PhD candidacy committee will be present.