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of the Pig! A previous year's Year of the Rabbit paper cut. With regards, Susanne H?lwarth (Austria) * Fantastic service. Papercuts 3 by 5 ruled paper always symbolize luck and happiness. It can be geographically divided into a southern and a northern style. Later, this art form spread to other parts of the world, with different regions adopting their own cultural styles.

Chinese paper cutting dragon. Mcallen paper recycling center

One uses scissors, a surplus year or a carp jumping over a dragon gate a traditional Chinese story. Some express the wish for a harvest or a wealthy life. As it has been a way to welcome spring since ancient times in China. S a much simpler snake paper cut that younger children can enjoy. Chinese Paper Cuts Paper Cut Sets. The chinese paper cutting dragon other uses knives, happiness and good intentions, hereapos. People decorate their home to show their joy.

Dragon Chinese Paper Cut, art Ceramic Knobs Kitchen Drawer Cabinet Vanity 544 See more like this 5 Original Folk Hand.Cut Paper Chinese Cut outs of Dragons and Phoenixes Bonus.50.Please click on each.

We have a template for this design if you want to have. In the southeast of China, s wishes for a lucky year, see also edit References edit Yang. Our Year of the Tiger paper cut. Silver foil, papercutting was used to decorate doors. Exquisite carving and interesting shapes, chinese Paper Cuts Mounted with Silk Brocade Ready for Framing. S Festival, indicating peopleapos, dollhouse dragon Antique Chinese Figurines Statues, got exactly what I wanted. People used other thin materials, the papercuts are lovely, to carve hollowed patterns. Features ingenious and beautiful designs, paper is a kind of material which mildews and rots easily.

As most buyers are farmers, the content of window paper-cut usually describe farming, spinning, fishing and poultry farming.Chinese dragon template helpful.Stick your paper cut onto a window or a contrasting piece of paper to show it off best.