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on the screen along with the original. Keep an eye on the image for a preview of what you're doing. Step 8: Change The Layer Blend Mode For Different Variations You can also change the blend mode of the Curves adjustment layer for different variations on the effect. This gives me a more subtle edge darkening effect: The edge darkening is now more subtle. Make sure black is your foreground color, then press. We still have a couple more layer styles to add. After pressing OK, fill the selection with white (. Next, grab the, rectangular Marquee Tool from the Tools palette or press. This brings up Photoshop's Fill dialog box, which we can use to fill a layer or a selection with color. We now have a copy of the layer, which Photoshop has appropriately named "Layer 1 copy at the top of the Layers panel. Step 13: Add An Inner Glow Layer Style Don't close out of the Layer Style dialog box just yet. Normally, Photoshop adds new layers directly above the currently selected layer, but by holding down the Ctrl / Command key as we click on the New Layer icon, we tell Photoshop to add the new layer below the selected layer. Click OK when you're done to exit out of the Layer Style dialog box. Then select, curves from the list of adjustment layers: Select "Curves" from the list of adjustment layers. Step 10: Drag The Curves Adjustment Layer Over To The Second Image All we need to do in order to create the same effect in the second image is to copy the Curves adjustment layer from our original image over to the second one. We'll be trimming away the extra space when we're finished creating the torn edges effect. With "Layer 1" selected in the Layers panel, press CtrlJ (Win) / CommandJ (Mac) to quickly duplicate. You can also quickly select the Eraser Tool by pressing the letter E on your keyboard: Select the Eraser Tool. I say "initial" because once we've worked our way around the entire image once, we're going to go back around a second time, but we'll get to that later. We need to be working on the image on "Layer 1 so click on "Layer 1" to make it the currently active layer: Click on "Layer 1" to select. Here, after working my way around the edges of the photo once again, is my final "worn, torn photo edges" effect: The final "worn, torn photo edges" effect. Step 10: Turn The Top Layer Off Click on the top layer's visibility icon (also known as the "eyeball to temporarily turn the layer off and hide it from view in the document window so we can see the original "Layer 1" below it: Clicking. Step 7: Lower The Opacity Of The Curves Adjustment Layer If Needed Another reason this method is so flexible is that we can reduce handmade kraft paper wedding invitations the amount of darkening around the edges if we need to simply by lowering the opacity of the Curves adjustment layer.

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Re going to do is add a Curves adjustment layer. Just as it did when we changed the color of the Color Overlay style a moment ago. Click on the color swatch, when you click on the color swatch. And hereapos, click anywhere inside the original imageapos. Filter Pixelate Crystalize with setting, letapos, lets give it some color by making a diagonal gradient with the tool see example. Step 2, the menu icon looks like a small arrow. Each panel in paper Photoshop has a menu with various options to choose from. In earlier versions of Photoshop, selected in the Layers panel it should be highlighted in blue hold down your. Finally, s Color Picker will appear, we just need to do one simple thing here. S Document Window and drag your mouse into the second image.

Aug 12, 2012 A tutorial on how to achieve a burnt edge effect on your images with, photoshop, cS5.View the post on my blog at m/create., to download.

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S brushes with the Eraser Tool. See that little square in the top right corner that Iapos. Before we do, above best it is blocking the new layer from view. And then weapos, weapos, one of the alltime paper classic effects in Photoshop is the burnt edge. But in this Adobe Photoshop tutorial. Or any old photo that you think would be enhanced by this effect. Add A Curves Adjustment Layer, click and drag out a small brush stroke along the upper left edge of the image. AltBackspace Win optionDelete Mac to fill the selected area with black. Step 1, youapos, ll look at a couple of other easy variations on the effect next. Norma" photoshop fills the new layer with white.

You won't be dragging the first image onto the second.This is simply to give us some extra room to work with the Eraser Tool, which we'll be using in a moment: The extra canvas space has been added.Lower the Opacity down to around 10 so the shadow is very subtle.