Blackhat 2018 call for papers

pages. Full details may be found on the CFP Terms and Conditions page. We require direct contact with presenters to expedite questions from the reviewers and to fulfill Speaker Obligations as detailed on the. Abstract submissions serve as an opportunity for industry researchers to present current and emerging work on system exploitation that will help to drive forward the field of computer security. If you are going to announce or demonstrate a new tool as the primary focus of your talk, that tool must be made available for the conference CD ROM. There is no limit on the length of the appendices, but reviewers are not required to read them. More event information Please visit m/ for previous conference archives, information, and speeches. If you must err in one direction or the other, err on the side of more technical. The concept is simple: The following timeslots are available: 25, 50 and 120 minutes (please note the 120 minute timeslots are only available for workshops). All sources of information, software, etc should be properly cited. These should be deep technical sessions that can give delegates a chance to delve deeply into your tech and hopefully take away practical applications to the information presented. The more technical the content, the better. Late submissions will risk being removed from the program. In our experience Security professionals are always looking for the latest tools and resources to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. This is exactly the type of work we'd like to see at woot. Typical research papers are 410 pages long, but papers can be shorter if the contribution is smaller. If your talk is a thinly-veiled advertisement for a new product or service your company is offering, please do not apply. Is your Ruby, or Python, or Pearl developer toolbox full of scripts and techniques that can be of advantage to fellow pen-testers? Through short but incisive and insightful cross-referenced entries, the 150,000 word companion will cover authors, topics, representative texts, and genres. Submission feedback, if you have questions regarding your submission, please email vector them. These sessions are primarily aimed at independent researchers and the open source community that will allow you to showcase your work. Topics Computer security is unique among systems disciplines, in that practical details matter and concrete case studies keep the field grounded in practice. Policies and Contact Information Simultaneous submission of the same work to multiple venues, submission of previously published work, or plagiarism constitutes dishonesty or fraud.

Chapter 2 introduction dissertation Blackhat 2018 call for papers

Or if you just want to give delegates a teaser on a course you will be instructing now or in made the future. Hotel information The Black Hat USA 2013 Briefings will take place July 31 August 1 immediately after the Training at Caesars Palace. Submit papers and abstracts using the Web form.

If you have questions regarding your submission, please email them to [email protected] blackhat.com.Call for, papers - Black Hat USA 2013.Got something interesting planned for, blackHat later this year?

Resource Advocacy 2013, in the submissions system to distinguish it fe1 past exam papers from other wet paper used to make art projects paper submissions. Notification to authors, stephen Checkoway, submissions should reflect the state of the art in offensive computer security technology. If your paper should not be published prior to the event.