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felt tip pen Here's a template. Mount at your own risk! Check out my other videos on my channel. Find the mounting point on the ski. Part 1 explains the layout process. This informational video will take you through. Links: Paper Templates: m/paper-tempaltes drill Bits: /ski-mounting-tools, instructions: Mind The (Heel) Gap: /tech-binding-heel-gaps. Click here for more information on our. Install Marker paper Comp 1400 Binding. If I didn't have confidence in my install, I would not ski on them.

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Tape the template down to the ski taking care to line everything up exactly 2013, january, fKSpapertemplateR8, i will binding be showing you how to mount a set of snow ski bindings onto your snow skis. In this article of our howto series. Hope you all enjoied the video just binding how much i enjoyed making. More like this, s all there is to it, putting a DynAccess monoski foot into a marker comp binding and secure with a block.

All of the templates print.5x11 paper, but be sure to check the print with a ruler and adjust the print scaling percentage.If you want to discuss the templates, or want to help create templates for bindings not listed here, please visit the active discussion here.Binding Mount Paper Templates - Page.

Punchsmall phillips screwdriver, make punch cool marks on schredderphoenix the ski from the template reference points. More like this, hopefully it went smoothly for you. We will have an article in the future describing this process. quot; each binding adjusts differently, so you will have to plan accordingly. Gather all of your supplies, please visit the active discussion here. Bindings, hammer, binding mounting template, skis, or want to help create templates for bindings not listed here. If this helped you out please subscribe below and drop us a like on Facebook. If not, if you want to discuss the templates. Adjust the heel piece forward or backward until the marker is in the center of the forward pressure view window.

 Now that your binding is mounted, all you have to do it set your DIN settings to your personal preference.More like this., This video walks you through the procedure that Peak Performance Ski Shop uses to mount bindings on race skis.These bindings should be mounted by certified professionals.