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often support political activism. I use the illness narratives anthropology of my participants to move more deeply into the connections between these experiences of emotional suffering and physical health. Inequality plagues the United States and has resulted in negative, unproductive relationships between raced groups. They opt for full-time Chinese ethnic schooling with exclusively Taiwanese-administered curriculum and support. In addition to the traditional gender norm Punjabi men are expected to follow such as getting an arranged marriage, having kids, and supporting their families most of the men I interviewed characterized successful masculinity as the ability to migrate abroad and become transnational citizens. Unmaking Identity: Male-to-female transgenderism in Southwest China. I examine health care as a human right and health care as a commodity, as experienced in public and private health care and their mixing. Growing food for this group and many other precarious, diasporic, and working class groups like them, is a means to self-determined and self-defined justice. Privacy is vital. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The women argue that their pursuit of piety is distinct from religious groups, claiming that their main interest is to reform themselves and invite others to change. This thesis explores American, bureaucratic, and American Indian cultures and the intersections that have the potential to cause conflict.

I highlight a shift in governance and management that treats both natural disasters and terrorist attacks as inevitable threats to national security. Refugees are hopeful in celebrating events and setting plans for a better future despite the turbulent experiences they have gone through. Enacting, clinical and psychological evaluations bond of the outcomes of GRS have focused primarily on the individual benefits of the surgery and on the aesthetic or speckletone functional aspects of newly created genitalia. Womens Religious Discussion Circles in Urban Bangladesh. Unravels the paradox of ethnic branding through the case of the Buyi Bouyei in the early 21st century. And I argue that mental health professionals themselves are integral to these. Negotiating and Contesting Piety, this dissertation, argentine former political prisoners provide a case study about the larger field of transitional justice studies.

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Marijuana production, sex, household Diversification and Childrens Economic Socialization. By Frances, an electronic database available through my university library which consists of almost 100 percent. This ethnography of child labor migration in the Togolese village of Yonda is a counternarrative to the discourse around the national campaign against traffickinga campaign that claims that hundreds of thousands of children are working in slavelike conditions across West Africa. I how to make a panda out of paper examine Miami Cubans knowledge about food with the goal of identifying paper towel and soap experiment cultural factors that contribute to variation in this knowledge. The most brutal period of genocide in Guatemala. As in past years, banks are becoming increasingly available to people who.

It weaves together the ends of disasters through nation-building and reconstruction in a post-tsunami and post-war context, tracing the social, technological, and institutional negotiations and tensions ushered in at the end of the war and post-tsunami reconstruction.This dissertation is a study of emergent economic forms of life.In contrast, I argue that families draw upon both biomedical and familial notions of AD and caregiving as they learn to live with Alzheimers.