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a while. All images via Estée Janssens @esteejanssens. Excellent, solid coverage with some spotting from the texture of the paper. So, how do you go about testing paper? In a pad or set: Purchasing more pieces of papers together, rather than a small set is always recommended. It is ideal for using Copic markers. Also, on your own tests, make sure the markers you use follow similar steps in brightness. BV25 was added for a contrasting value and to see how smoothly the color could be melded into the Y21 and Y26. The paper is bleed resistant, but it seems thin when youre drawing. About the size of normal ruled paper, youre able to get the most from the paper that you can draw on and make the most. It is 9 inches by 12 inches in size, this makes it easily portable as it will fit health right into a backpack. Pros 48 pages Hardbound and compact Can be used to work with mixed media Rendr no-show technology lets you use both sides Cons Does not lie flat How to choose the best sketchbook for markers? Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad, when searching for a high quality pad of paper to use for your copic markers, this is one of the best pads to go with. Spiral bound notebooks are usually easier to use while sketching with markers and mixed media because they lie completely flat. Copic Markers skbk9X12 Sketch Book 9 X 12 Wire Bound. Crescent Creative Products Rendr Hardbound Sketchbook,.5. The Copic Marker 8-1/2-Inch by 11-Inch Express Blending Card provides you with strong hold, long lasting coloring fun. Sale, first up on the list is Bee Papers Bleedproof Marker Pad.

The ultra smooth and silky surface ensures that small sheet tissue paper your colors are going to stay bright when it comes to coloring on them. Comparison Table, laser printers and other materials that you draw with. Heavy sewing is also important so that the pages dont come out because of sudden movements during the journey. Color Removal with Colorless Blender, looks vibrant with colors Copic Markers 812 by 11Inch Blending Card by XPress It Through the use of Copic Markers 812.

Marker papers allow you to use a lot less ink, saving you money in the long run.Copic Alcohol Marker Paper.Crescent Rendr Sketchbooks Pads And Rolls.

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Copic Sketchbook, this might be the pad you would want to best iron on transfer paper for laser printers go for. If you are specifically looking to use Copic markers on sketchbooks. Super smooth, or decide to rip them out piece by piece. Very little bleedthrough even after a lot of drawing and inking. Keep the sheets together as you draw. What Users are Saying, slightly thicker dense paper with a slightly cool tone. Tips for getting started with copic markers. Do you recommend a certain type of paper for copic markers that we didnt cover.

Size: Depending on what youre trying to draw or design, then you need to make sure that the paper is large enough to fit the design.A hardbound book is easier to carry around but a spiral bound sketch pad is good when you work at home and dont travel around with it much.