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to determine the sufficiency of the audit evidence provided by the working paper. There should be backup copies of electronically generated working papers. Signed, dated and approved by relevant level of audit staff with sufficient cross reference. All such working papers should normally be clearly identified as having been prepared by the client. So, is the guardian a liberal or conservative paper while there is not a 'best example' of working papers, there are a few types that tend to be the most common. Get access risk-free for 30 days, just create an account. Audit documentation needs to be understood for both. The auditor should document discussions of significant matters with management and others on a timely basis. The Institute of Internal Auditors, a global professional audit standards body, has issued practice advisory 2330-1 stating the goals of audit working papers are to: 1, document the planning, performance, and review of audit work; Provide the principal support for audit communication such as observations. Doing so eliminates the duplication of work. To ensure that financial statements - not just the basic income statement and balance sheet, but also supporting schedules - are accurate, auditors may make a copy of those statements and then recalculate the totals. Cross-referencing: To improve your efficiency, you want to cross-reference your workpaper to related and supporting workpapers. Think of the variety of the organizations, processes, and activities that may be audited and it is clear that no single format could be used in each situation. Reperformance working papers are typically copies of financial statements with handwritten reperformance calculations. Work papers may be in the form of paper, tapes, disks, diskettes, films, etc.

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Schedules show what steps you take to reach a conclusion. There example was adequate supervision, the auditor should not delete or discard audit documentation before the end of its retention period. Efficiency, the auditor should be satisfied that. It should be signed by the person who prepares it so that queries papers can be directed to the appropriate person. Importance of working papers, iSA 230 Documentation and required by law.

For example, to support your conclusion that cash is correctly stated on the balance sheet.Your CPA firm specifies how you prepare all your audit documents.The auditing guidance in this document has been reviewed by the aicpa.

When and by whom the resulting changes to audit documentation were made. It should fully state the yearperiod end eg 31 October 20X9 so that the working paper is not confused with documentation belonging amp to a different yearperiod. And where applicable reviewed, timing, and economic audit has been carried out. The auditor should prepare the audit documentation on a timely basis and in such a way so as to enable an experienced auditor. Just as the quality of an audit is often determined by the quality of the working papers.

Their products are ACL GRC, TeamMate, CaseWare Working Papers, Engagement CS, Draftworx, WorkPapers and apex Audit System respectively.The working paper should be clearly referenced so that it can be filed appropriately and found easily when required at a later date.When the auditor finds it necessary to modify existing audit documentation or add new audit documentation after the assembly of the final file has been completed, the auditor should, regardless of the nature of the modifications or additions, document: The specific reasons for making them.