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per paper dcf worker on the vertical axis and capital per worker on the horizontal axis (see Figure.6). Copyright 2004 South-Western/Thomson Learning Economic Models Economists use models to simplify reality in order to improve our understanding of the world Two of the most basic economic models include: The Circular Flow Diagram The Production Possibilities Frontier. The ratio of the capital stock to the rate at which output is produced, written. Economists questions are much easier to analyze if we can identify points of rest where the pressures for economic quantities to rise and fall are evenly balanced. The same applies to interest ratesthe distinction between real and nominal interest rates is crucial when trying to understand individual economic behavior. A few more quinquennia of equal activity might, indeed, have brought us near to the economic Eldorado where all our reasonable economic needs would be satisfied. This Cobb-Douglas algebraic form still stands for a whole family of possible production functions. Growth will be balanced if, and only if, the ratio of the economys stock of capital K to its level of output Y is constant. (In the end, models too must face their own Darwinian battle.). Do you want to analyze a poor economy, close to subsistence levels, in which even mammoth amounts of capital per worker would not create an affluent society? Just after the end of World War II Professor Paul Samuelson of MIT discovered that many of his students were much more comfortable manipulating diagrams than solving algebraic equations. In that case the balanced- growth capital-output ratio K/Y will be If K/Y 5, then K 5 Y and K/L 5 Y/L. This form of the production function makes a lot of calculations much simpler and more straightforward than other forms.

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Copyright 2004 SouthWesternThomson Learning Our First Model. Then you need to concentrate on understanding and manipulating the algebra or economist understanding and using the verbal descriptions of a problem 000 a year in income, and things can get very weird indeed. Now consider an economy in which all 100 million people work equally hard and each receives. A normative statement is an assertion about how the world ought.

How to Think Like an Economist key: every new subject requires new patterns of thought; every intellectual discipline calls for new ways of thinking about the world.At other times, economists are united in the advice they offer, but policymakers may choose to ignore.