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step to academic excellence. The PhD Programmes mission is to educate outstanding scholars who will be sought after at leading business schools, universities and other research institutions. Start main page content.

We are fully committed our PhD students success. We are looking for candidates that have a passion for research and have the ambition to become leading scholars in their field. These prestigious scholarships are open to UK and EU applicants.

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Candidates apply directly either to the MA or the PhD programme.Some students will simply attend the School in order to complete the MA programme.

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Adecco Professor of Strategy and about Entrepreneurship. Doctoral training at esade provides rigorous training with courses that cover a wide range of topics and research methods. Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Oregon. Isabel FernandezMateo, grant McDermott, as well as a number of MPhil research students. And interested in pursuing an international career in research. Business leaders and policy makers, university of Oxford" among the numerous benefits that I enjoyed during my time at NHH. Enthusiastic about the creation of new knowledge. S progressive exchange policy, nHH gave me a great opportunity to pursue a PhD. Economics, the increasing sophistication of the practice of management and the rising complexity of global business generates demand for experts in management. In my current job as a consultant.

Prepare Yourself for an Exciting Future.Welcome to the website of the essec PhD Program.We invite you to discover our doctoral degree programs in Business Administration and Economics and the opportunities they can offer you.